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A long drive could be a passion for many and could be a stress buster for many. In either case, driving safe and cool predominates. With the coldest months of the year coming in, we would like to help you find really cool car gadgets and apps that compliment your drive.

Here they go :

1. Sat Nav (Satellite Navigation)

When you go to a foreign coutries or when you are driving through the busiest streets, it would be great if you could find the most optimal route by yourself on the go. For all those tech savy, modern age drivers, the Sat Nav from TomTom comes handy. This hands free, sexy device has a five inch touch screen that is convenient to use. It updates the traffic live throughout the United Kingdom. The Free Lifetime Maps help you reach the destination much faster. You can download four or more full updates of the map. Searching for restuarants, theatres and shops while driving could not get any easier without this sat nav. For older cars, you can try Magellan SamrtGPS. This offers the luxury of BMWs in your old cars.

2. Car Valeting using spray guns:

Valeting is the process of cleaning your car in and out that after a car valeting, the car gets back its new sheen and glamour. The process generally includes steam cleaners, pressure washers and chemicals. You can try a simple car wash using spray guns. Spray guns can be attached to the end of the hose. You can control the pressure and speed of the water coming out. Three spray guns that you could possibly think of buying are Draper, Kent De Luxe Super Spray and Qualcast Spray Gun.

3. Headlights:

Headlights are one of the most important elements in a car, especially when you are driving over the night. The factors that one needs to remember while choosing a superior headlight include the strength of the light, cost, durability and the distance that light casts its beam. Considering these factors, the winner is Philips XtremeVision as voted by people.

4. Music with Belkin TuneBase FM :

This device lets you stream the music from your iPod or iPhone to the car stereo. From the mobile device, you can play, pause, skip and backtrack a music track. It has sockets that allow you to charge your iPhone. Another notable feature of the device is the hands free calling. This device is a must have when you travel alone as music can be a good company for a long drive.

5. Security devices for your car :

Searching your car in the parking lot, digging your bag and pockets to find the car keys are little things that can actually irritate anyone. Apps like Keningston Proximo are really helpful in such frustrating situations. It lets you monitor the keys, iPhone and all other devices that are in sync with the device all the time. Priced between 49.99 and 59.99, the Keningston Proximo is worth all the money.

Life is short. Keep it simple, Play it safe.

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TestimonialsJames J. Macarthur

Being a passionate traveller and a techie who loves long drives on road, I loved the article regarding the gadgets for car. Loads of worthy information. After reading the article, I am planning to buy a good GPS system for my car.

TestimonialsClara F. Ballard

I have always loved the saying "Life is short, keep it simple". Now, this whole website is leading me towards a safe and healthy lifestyle. Simple things indeed make a big difference.

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